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When to get a duplicate car title

Your car title provides proof that you are the legal owner of your vehicle. In the event that you want to sell or trade your vehicle, you will need to provide your car title as documentation of ownership. If you’ve lost your title or if your title is damaged you will need to obtain a duplicate title. The Maryland MVA will mail you a new title in 7 to 10 days. You can get your duplicate title the very next business day when they are issued by a company offering Maryland vehicle registration in Gaithersburg. If you are wondering if you need a new car title, here is a quick overview of when you may want to get a duplicate title.

Lost or Damaged Title

Since your car title is printed on paper, it can occasionally become lost or destroyed. If you have misplaced your original car title, you can have a duplicate title issued to you. A duplicate title is also necessary if your title has become damaged by water, dirt, or other substances that could render it illegible. Furthermore, if the back of the title is marked with cross outs, white out, or signed incorrectly the title will be considered mutilated.

Returning to Maryland

If you move away from Maryland and then return back to the state, you will be eligible for a duplicate title. This title will be issued to you instead of a brand new title. In this instance, a duplicate title will give you the advantages of not having to wait for a brand new title to be created. For the speediest duplicate title process, be sure to trust a company that offers next day title services.

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