Title Duplication: How to handle special cases

Your car title provides you with proof that you are the legal owner of your vehicle. If you do not have a title to your car, you will not be able to sell your vehicle or trade it in at the dealership. In the event that your title is lost, damaged, or destroyed, you will need to contact a title service company that can issue you a duplicate title. Duplicate titles are just as valid as a car’s original paperwork. A company offering title services in Gaithersburg can help you through every step of having a duplicate car title issued. Here is a look at some special cases that may require you to obtain a duplicate title.

Title Has Been Lost or Destroyed

If your title has been lost or destroyed, you will be eligible for a duplicate title. In order to receive your duplicate title, you will need to contact the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration. You can expect to receive your title within two business days.

Title Contains Incorrect Information

If your title contains incorrect information, you will also need to request a duplicate. For example, when you have your name changed, you will need to have this information altered on your title. By requesting a duplicate, you can ensure that there is no confusion about your ownership of your vehicle.

Title Contains Lien Holder Information

After you finish making all of your car payments, you will need to request a duplicate title. During your auto loan period, the lien holder’s information will be printed on your title. Once your final payment has been made, you can get a duplicate title that is solely in your name.

Title Has Returned to Maryland

You may also need to request a duplicate title after returning to Maryland from another state. In this case, you will be eligible to receive a duplicate of your past Maryland title. Your Maryland car registration experts can provide you with all of the information you need to receive your duplicate title.


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