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Keeping the title as the surviving owner

When you inherit a vehicle from a relative, you may need to transfer the registration and ownership of the vehicle to another party. In the State of Maryland, there are several rules and regulations that you will need to follow to complete this procedure. A company specializing in Maryland vehicle Registration in Gaithersburg can help you with all of your title service needs. By working with Maryland vehicle registration experts for your car title transfer, you will help to make the procedure quick and easy. Here is a quick overview of some steps that you may need to take to transfer a car title after an inheritance.

Keeping the Title as the Surviving Owner

If you are the surviving owner of a vehicle, you will need to take certain steps to keep the car in your sole name before the current title expires. When you apply for brand new registration for your vehicle, you will need to complete the “assignment of ownership” and “application for title and registration” forms.

Transferring the Title to Another Person

If you do not wish to retain ownership of the vehicle, you will need to transfer ownership to the person who will be receiving your car. Whether you are selling your car or donating it as a gift, you will need to complete the “assignment of ownership” paperwork. In addition, you will need to notify the MVA to remove the name of the owner how has passed away.

Giving the Vehicle to a Family Member

If you wish to give your vehicle to another member of your family, you will also need to fill out the “assignment of ownership” form. You will also need to provide your family member with the current title, as well as the death certificate of the original owner. With these documents, your family member will be able to have a new title issued in their name.


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