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Requesting a duplicate car title in Maryland

If your original title has been lost or destroyed, you will need to request a duplicate title At the Maryland MVA, you can obtain a duplicate title but it can take 7-10 business days to receive it. You can choose to do it quickly and easily at a licensed tag and title company, such us Motor Car Tag & Tile in Gaithersburg. When you are requesting a duplicate title, you will need to present your official Maryland state identification and all of the legal owners of the vehicle need to sign a duplicate title request form and POA. Once the necessary paperwork has been completed, your duplicate title will be available for pick up at our office in 1-2 business days.

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Christian Johnson
Christian Johnson
Apr 30

Top-quality service from Locksmith Gastonia NC company! I got my car key duplicated hassle-free and at a fair price. Moreover, they never disappoint their clients regarding their jobs. I will return for future locksmith needs.


Feb 02, 2023

With above shared services does your team offer car locksmith services also?


Nov 23, 2021

I suggest to hire local locksmith near for key duplication, they do it at a decent cost.

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