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Moving to Maryland? Find out how to register your car

Moving to a new state involves a significant amount of paperwork. If you are planning an upcoming move to the state of Maryland, you may be wondering about the Maryland vehicle registration process. When you become a new resident of Maryland, you will need to transfer your car title and get tags within 60 days, by doing so you will qualify for the excise tax credit. A company offering efficient Maryland vehicle registration in Gaithersburg can help make your car registration quick, easy, and efficient. To help you get started on planning your future move to Maryland, here is a brief overview on what you need to get a vehicle registration in the state.

In order to register your car in Maryland, you will need to have possession of your original title from your previous state of residence. When there is a lien on the vehicle the lien holder usually keeps the title until paid in full. In this case the title needs to be requested from your lien holder and they will send it to the MVA or to a tag and tile agency like Motor Car Tag & Title. In addition, in Maryland all vehicles must pass a safety inspection. During this inspection, a technician will evaluate the performance and safety of all of the major components of your vehicle. If you have kept up on routine maintenance, you should have no problem passing the safety inspection. You also need to provide your insurance information, the company name and policy number. And lastly we need your valid driver’s license. Once you have all of these documents you will be able to finalize the Maryland vehicle registration process.

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