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Can you transfer your car to a family member as a gift?

If you are considering giving your car as a gift to a family member, it is important to do your research about gift transfer laws in the state of Maryland. Only vehicles that have Maryland vehicle registrations can be transferred as gifts. In order to be eligible as a gift transfer, a car must be transferred to a member of your family (except cousins).

For example, you can transfer your car to a parent, son, daughter, stepson, or stepdaughter. If your last name is not the same as the last name of your family member, you will also need to provide documented proof of the relationship, such as birth certificates or marriage certificate. When transferring to a family member that is not a parent, child or spouse a Maryland safety is required and new tags will be issue. A company specializing in Maryland vehicle registration can help you with all of your title service needs. When you are interested in transferring your car title as a gift to a family member, you may want to consult with the experts at a Gaithersburg title service.

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