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Gift transfer requirements

If the vehicle is being given as a gift and an exemption from excise tax is being requested, the following requirements apply:


The parties involved in the transfer of the vehicle must be members of immediate family:

Spouse, Son or Daughter, Adopted Son or Daughter, Grandson or Granddaughter, Stepson or Stepdaughter, Mother or Father, Stepmother or Stepfather, Brother or Sister, Half Brother or Half Sister, Grandmother or Grandfather, Son-in-law or Daughter-in-law, Mother-in-law or Father-in-law, Aunt or Uncle (65 years or older) to Niece or Nephew.

If the last names do not match, you must submit proof of the relationship.

For example, a marriage certificate showing the daughter’s current married name, as well as a birth certificate showing the daughter’s last name prior to the marriage would prove the relationship. If you need clarification on the types of documentation needed to prove a relationship please contact us at 240-361-4499.

If a vehicle is being given to a niece and/or a nephew from an aunt and/or uncle, a Certified Statement (form # VR-299) is needed to accompany the Gift Certification (form # VR-103).


To give the vehicle as a gift in Maryland it must be already titled in the state of Maryland.

If the vehicle is not register in the state of Maryland it cannot be consider as a gift. It will need to be done as a sell and taxes will be charged by the MVA.


Vehicle Inspection

Any transfer between spouses or between parent and child are exempt from inspection if titled in Maryland. All other transactions require a Maryland Safety Inspection.


Notice of Security Interest Filing


If there is a lien showing on the face of the title and the vehicle is paid off, the receiver of the vehicle will need the “Notice of Security Interest Filing.” If the document is not available, please request the giver of the vehicle to obtain a letter on the financial institution’s letterhead stating that they hold no security interest and have it signed by the financial institution’s authorized agent. The letter should also include the date of the loan’s creation, the amount, the date of its release, the name and address of the debtor, and a full vehicle description (year, make and vehicle identification number).


Tag Transfer and Registration

Plates may be transferred if the vehicle is titled:

· In joint names of husband and wife and is being transferred to the name of either the husband or the wife;

· In the name of the husband or the wife and is being transferred to the joint names of both.

· In the joint names of a parent and child and is transferred to the individual name of either party.

· In the name of an individual and is transferred to the joint names of that individual and that individual’s parent or child; or

· In the name of an individual and is transferred to the name of a child or parent of that individual.


New plates must be purchased for all other gift transfers to family members. If you are transferring plates and less than 12 months remain in the registration year, the registration will be renewed for an additional year when the vehicle is titled.



Any traffic tickets or MVA flags must be clear in order to gift a vehicle. The Motor Vehicle Administration will not allow to gift transfer a vehicle that has violations or unpaid tickets.

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